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Demolition Services

Northern California's premier contractor for all phases of demolition, since 1995



A successful heavy demolition project requires a unique combination of equipment and manpower. At The Maloney Group, we have what it takes to get the job done efficiently and effectively.


At W.C. Maloney, we own much of our own equipment, which gives us the flexibility and responsiveness needed for every job. Of course, even the best equipment is only as effective as the operator handling it, and The Maloney Group employs some of the best operators in the business. Our people are skilled and experienced demolition specialists. Their expertise is your assurance that the project will be completed on a timely basis with every consideration for the safety and welfare of the workers, neighbors, and environment. 

From tearing down a multi-story office building to ripping out a road surface, The Maloney Group brings an unsurpassed level of commitment to the successful completion of heavy demolition projects.

heavy demolition
interior demolition



Interior demolition is known as “soft demo” in the industry, but there is nothing soft about it! Commercial and industrial buildings often require a complete retrofit for modern uses, and this can include removal of ceiling grids, wallboard, carpet/tile, cabinetry, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, lights, and even the walls and doors themselves. Certain materials that may be deemed “hazardous” are disposed according to government standards while recyclable materials are submitted for reuse wherever feasible.

Count on W.C. Maloney to clear your building to the exact specifications needed for reconstruction.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting & Drilling

Not all demolition is done with a sledgehammer and a wrecking ball! Sometimes, a fine touch is needed. The Maloney Group performs concrete cutting for residential and commercial buildings. Services within this specialty include:

  • Wall Sawing for the placement of new man doors, roll-up doors, windows, etc;

  • Slab Sawing to install service trenches, remove footings, or remove damaged sections;

  • Core Drilling to provide for pipe, conduit, service ducts, drainage, etc.


Our use of diamond-cutting tools offers many benefits including precision cutting, lower costs, reduced noise, dust, and debris, and maintenance of structural integrity.

Homeowners can rely on The Maloney Group for a timely response, competitive rates, and prompt completion with minimal disruption. Contractors know that concrete cutting and drilling rounds out The Maloney Group's extensive service offering. Large or small, we handle it all. 

site clearing

Site Clearing

Before construction can begin, most job sites require removal of trees, brush, dirt, and debris. Count on The Maloney Group to clear your site and remove unwanted materials. Our extensive experience with road and bridge projects makes us the ideal contractor to perform site clearance at inconvenient or hazardous locations such as highway medians, cloverleafs, and viaducts.


Amazon, Tracy - Big D Construction - Portion Building Demolition

Calaveras Cement  - PlantLehigh - Cement Silo Demolition

De Anza High School - Wright Contracting - Building Demolition

Highway 580 Widening - Ghilotti Construction - Demolition and Clearing

Highway 99 Chowchilla - Viking Construction - Bridge Demolition

Promenade Shops - Teichert Construction - Site Clearing

Sacramento Waste Water Treatment Plant - Overaa - Demolition

Spanish Creek - CC Myers - Bridge Demolition

Vickery Reservior - Cook Engineering - Demolition


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